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We are disciples

At Lighthouse United, we believe strongly in the principle of Discipleship, and we want every member in our global family to commit to their own personal spiritual growth by becoming a disciplined follower of Jesus Christ. We help in this effort by providing in person & online opportunities for fellowship prayer, and in depth bible study and training.

together we thrive

Thursday Night ReFresh

Click the link below to join our weekly Bible Fellowship at 6:30pm CST

Monday & Friday Prayer

Join us every Monday & Friday at 7:00am CST for our Conference Call Prayer Line: (712) 451-0133 

Code: 472314

Lighthouse United YouTube

Click the link below to Subscribe to the official Lighthouse United YouTube Channel for all sermon replays:


it takes a body of believers

Discipleship doesn't happen on Sundays alone.  There are 168 hours in a week, and discipleship (disciplined spiritual growth and dedication to God) happens during the other 166 hours of the week.  This requires willingness, sacrifice, and commitment, but most importantly, you cannot do it alone.

We are The Body of Christ- not the individuals of Christ.  Therefore, as a global family of Faith, Lighthouse United seeks to create intentional moments for us all to fellowship in prayer and the Word both online and in person.  So as you pursue your personal walk with God, remember that you need others.  You can survive alone, but we THRIVE Together!

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